Development of the Global Health Sector Strategy for HIV/AIDS, 2011-2015


The Sixty-third World Health Assembly adopted a resolution that requested the WHO Director-General to develop a WHO HIV/AIDS Strategy for 2011-2015. The Strategy is now being prepared to be submitted to the World Health Assembly in May 2011.

The Strategy:

  • builds on the achievements and experiences of the "3 by 5" initiative and the five strategic directions of the WHO HIV/AIDS Universal Access Plan 2006-2010;
  • takes into consideration the broad global HIV, health and development architecture, including the UNAIDS Strategy and Outcome Framework, and existing commitments to achieving Universal Access and the Millennium Development Goals;
  • identifies existing and agreed global targets to motivate countries to plan for bold HIV/AIDS responses through to 2015;
  • provides guidance to countries on how to prioritize their HIV and broader health investments;
  • provides a framework for concerted WHO action at the global, regional and country levels and across all relevant WHO departments.

The Global Health Sector Strategy for HIV/AIDS, 2011–2015, is closely aligned with the UNAIDS Strategy 2011–2015, which has been developed in parallel.

Download the draft HIV strategy 2011–2015

Broad consultations for strategy development

WHO has undertaken a consultation process involving all key stakeholders and constituencies in the development of the Global Health Sector Strategy for HIV/AIDS 2011-2015, including Member States, civil society, donor and development agencies, non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies (including the UN family), scientific and technical institutions and networks, and the private sector. Over 100 countries and constituency groups took part in our consultations in 2010, and a public online consultation was undertaken in July-September 2010.

Download summary reports of consultations