TEDMED comes to Research4Life and HINARI users and partners for free via TEDMED Live

At Research4Life and HINARI, we continue exploring ways to ensure our registered institutions have access to new information.

This year, TEDMED is coming to Research4Life and HINARI institutions for free via TEDMEDLive on 16-21 April. What could cost $25,000 for an organization-wide licence, will be free to Research4Life institutions.

You may be familiar with TED. TEDMED (www.tedmed.com) is like TED but with an emphasis on health and medicine, where world-class thinkers and doers inspire and share their vision and ideas in medicine, global health, wellness and overall quality of life issues.

Your institution may present TEDMEDLive (www.tedmedlive.com) in high-definition or standard definition internet simulcast stream on large screens in meeting rooms or auditoriums either Live (16-19 April) or On-Demand (16-21 April). You may also organize an event around it by complementing with your own speakers or by inviting the surrounding health communities to view the event at your institution.

To register your institution go to www.tedmedlive.com. When describing your organization in the short application, be sure to mention that you are a Research4Life/HINARI institution to secure approval at no cost.

Once your institution registers for TEDMEDLive, you will be provided information on how to make the content available to all individuals associated with your organization. You will also be provided information on TEDMEDConnect, the mobile application that links all the audiences around the world and provides instant access to schedule and speaker details.

More information can be found at: http://www.research4life.org/tedmed-comes-to-research4life-users-and-partners-for-free-via-tedmed-live-16-19-april/