Feedback from users


Nigeria, April 2007

"HINARI is very essential for this institution to meet up with the demands of her academic staff with the dwindling of funds for journal subscription. We believe so because we have seen HINARI transform institutions like ours."

Tunisia, March 2007

Qui ne connait pas hinari ???"

Kenya, February 2007

Its great news for us at Kenya Medical Association Resource Center since many medical students, Doctors and HealthCare Workers will now be able to regularly update their knowledge at KMA through Hinari for free. Special thanks to all those who initiated this project."

Belarus, January 2007

"Our University provides medical education and wide range of scientific investigations in medicine and fundamental sciences. Everybody who knows English more than an alphabet, knows about the HINARI, uses it and likes it. Now there are scores of students, post-graduates, young medical scientists and advanced scientists as well, which know about the HINARI and use it. This access helps us very much for preparing our dissertations, lectures, scientific works and presentations. Many of my colleagues do not imagine their work without opportunities given by HINARI project."

Benin, January 2007

"It is a wonderful idea. Congratulations to HINARI team, Best regards."

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, January 2007

"We have already heard how usefull is to have acces to HINARI. It will help us in our fight against crime."