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Ethiopia, January 2015

"Thank you very much!! WHO has been of great service to professionals in Ethiopia by providing us with the opportunity to access invaluable resources to get articles and books for updating our knowledge and more. Long live WHO HINARI!!"

Fiji, January 2015

"This will definitely help our students and staff in their research. If this is not available through HINARI, [we] will never have it as we would not be able to purchase it. Thank you very much for your efforts."

Vietnam, January 2015

"This has been a very helpful support to our poison control center, our patients, learners and public. ... As you may know, a main mission of a poison control center is to provide treatment, toxicology consultation, teaching, research based on poison/drug information. The poison centers always have to rely on some source of information. ...The access to the toxicology database like Toxinz is essential to the work of our poison center so we really need the support and help from you."

Zimbabwe, February 2015

"The Hinari programme offers numerous e-books and journals in a wide range of subjects the majority of which are very relevant to our core business of conservation of wildlife and natural resources."

Kenya, February 2015

"On behalf of our hospital, I want to express our gratefulness for this priceless support. We will do our best to utilize this resource to improve our service to our patients. Thank you for this resource, and lots of thanks to all the publishers who have contributed so generously to the Hinari programme."


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