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Nigeria, May 2014

“We are extremely delighted and will use this access to provide better and quality health care service.”

Bangladesh, May 2014

“TO ME HINARI IS A GOLD MINE AND AN ASSETS FOR THE RESEARCHERS OF BANGLADESH. I value and respect HINARI [...] . I believe HINARI is a LIFE GUARD of developing countries’ researchers.”

Zambia, May 2014

"Registration for HINARI is particularly needed as our college is now hosting the first pre-service training course in Biomedical Engineering (BMET Diploma) in Zambia. Many key texts available on HINARI will greatly benefit our students."

Sudan, April 2014

"We hope to find pass word from HINARI to support our contribution in the scientific research in our country."

Viet Nam, April 2014

"Many thanks for caring and helping our doctor to looking medical information for past years. They are useful information to diagnosis and treatment."

Tanzania, March 2014

"Members will now benefit at large and make a striking impacts towards change of health care delivery."

Malawi, February 2014

"To be able to better provide management oversight and advise the leadership of the Ministry of Health, staff will be conducting systematic reviews of research works and developing policy briefs to inform policy decisions. Access to HINARI resource will go a long way in supporting this objective."

Cambodia, February 2014

"We believe Hinari will be an invaluable resource and look forward to the many benefits access will provide. We are very excited about the educational value and impact on patient care that access to HINARI will bring."

Nicaragua, February 2014

"HINARI es una fuente de información muy utilizada por nuestros usuarios por la información y estudios que ahí se publican los que le son de mucha utilidad para nuestros médicos de los hospitales y de los investigadores."

Cabo Verde, February 2014

"Este site vai ser muito bom para os cursos de enfermagem e outras áreas relacionadas."

Iraq, February 2014

"On behalf of the hospital staff I would thank you for your cooperation and making it a free access again."

Cameroon, February 2014

"C'est un immense honneur pour nous de pouvoir enfin offrir à nos étudiants et chercheurs l'accès à cette inestimable base de données. Nous en verrons un usage judicieux, tant pour les aspects scientifique que pour le respect ethique."

Nepal, January 2014

"Your site access has helped us update our knowledge and better manage the patients and in the residents' teaching."


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