Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

WHO Regional Offices

WHO headquarters works in partnership with many different organisations and with WHO Regional Offices to help deliver shared HIA objectives. Links to Collaborating Centres and Regional Offices are provided on this website.


Regional Office for Africa

The large number of development projects occurring in Africa and the combining of health into the EIA process (EHIA) has resulted in the following work in AFRO related to HIA.

WHO Inter Regional Meeting on EHIA

Two back to back meetings were held in Arusha, Tanzania in 2000 to discuss how to support HIA within the African Region (AFRO). A meeting summary includes:

  • The progress achieved in AFRO on HIA
  • A discussion on methods
  • Capacity building in AFRO
  • The role of WHO and collaborating centres
  • An action plan

Guide for HIA

‘A guide for HIA of development projects’ has been produced. The guide outlines the steps to be undertaken for carrying out an HIA, describes the decision making process and discusses possible indicators for development projects. The guide also describes the limitations of EHIA within an African setting.

HIA training course

The training programme ran from 1988 – 1998, and was undertaken in Zimbabwe (1992), Ghana (1994), Tanzania (1995), Honduras (1996), and India (1997).