Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Brentford, Chiswick and Isleworth SAFE healthy living centre proposals

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Rapid HIA

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Social welfare


United Kingdom

This document describes a one-day workshop on the potential health impacts of projects seeking to improving young peoples' experience of health. The day began with a presentation outlining the basic concepts, methodologies and examples of Health Impact Assessment to ensure that the participants had a basic understanding and commitment to the process. This was found to be helpful in allowing participants to understand the policy context within which they were working, and to accept the HIA as a useful and valid process.
Using a social model of health as a guide, participants were asked to identify issues and priorities, based on their own knowledge and experience. They were then asked to select those which they felt to be most important and to apply a rapid HIA process to them.
The participants identified five key themes: deprivation and inequalities linked to employment, ethnicity, housing and crime; a lack of services, activities and places perceived as being friendly towards young people; a high prevalence of young people experiencing or perpetrating race, homophobic, bullying and other crimes; rising rates of sexual, alcohol and substance misuse incidents; and mental health as a specific and much larger agenda than expected.

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