Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Aylesbury Plus: a new deal for communities

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Rapid HIA
Completed HIA

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Social welfare


United Kingdom

This case study describes the concepts and principles of HIA, outlines the methodology used for rapid HIA, presents findings overall and by strategic theme, and summarises their implications for the development of the Aylesbury Plus NDC Delivery Plan.
Overall, the Plan was found to have a great potential for a positive impact on the health of Aylesbury residents. If all the outcomes were to be achieved, a redistribution of a range of health determinants was expected with, in the medium to longer term, quantifiable reductions in morbidity and mortality. Over years, this could offer substantial savings to the health-care and social services and contribute to reducing the incidence of non-communicable diseases such as cancer and heart disease among disadvantaged groups. Mental health and well-being were also deemed likely to be affected in a positive way in both the short and longer terms.
However, the authors emphasise that if the Delivery Plan were to be only partially implemented, or if only some of the outcomes were achieved, there was a strong possibility that health inequalities would actually increase.

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