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Morice Town Home Zone health impact assessment study

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Completed health impact assessment

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United Kingdom - 2002

Home Zones is an initiative run by the British Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers. It promotes the reclamation of residential streets for use as safer environments for all users.
One of its case studies is Morice Town, near Plymouth in South-West England, where large gateway features at the entrances to the zone inform all road users that they are entering a very different environment. Normal signing and lining associated with road traffic have been removed. The emphasis is on walking and cycling, although no group has priority over another. Dedicated parking areas are built into the infrastructure to reduce the width of the carriageway and the speed of vehicles.
The Morice Town Home Zone in Plymouth was the first such scheme to be analysed using HIA. According to the HIA, the local community was enthusiastically engaged in the process of building their Home Zone, learning new skills and building community capacity in the process. Issues covered by the HIA include quality of life, pollution, play, safety, transportation, health and many other interrelated matters.

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Kevin Elliston, Moira Maconachie

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Health and Community Research Programme
Department of Sociology, University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth PL4 8AA, Devon
United Kingdom