Health and Human Rights

Database Background and Aim

WHO has partnered with the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) to develop a database of organizations working in or with programs or policies addressing the area of health and human rights. The aim of this project is to gather information on current sources of institutional experience and information in support of efforts to integrate health and human rights into national and international programs and policies.

Programs or policies in the area of health and human rights include those that recognize, and incorporate into their designs, implementation and evaluation of one or more of the following considerations: the effects of health policies and programs on human rights; the health consequences of human rights violations; and the linkage between promoting and protecting health and promoting and protecting human rights.

The HSPH produced and circulated a survey instrument to compile information from respondent organizations, identified as working in the area of health, human rights or human development. The resulting information has been assembled into a database format and structure by the HSPH for provision to WHO.