Health promotion

Areas of work

The programmes of the Health Promotion Unit cover the following areas:

1) Global health promotion, guidance and capacity building

Promotion and supporting capacity building activities, training, review and evaluation research, information and knowledge sharing, developing and strengthening of WHO collaborating centres for health promotion, in support of national and community-based demonstration programmes.

1.a) Global evidence base for health promotion

The rationale of the Global Programme on Health Promotion Effectiveness is to focus on the principles, models and methods that relate to best health promotion practice, taking regional and cultural diversity into consideration.

1.b) Methods for financing health promotion, strengthing capacity for health promotion and NCD prevention

The International Network of Health Promotion Foundations was established in 1999 to enhance the performance of existing Health Promotion Foundations and to assist the development of new Foundations.

2) Support to regions and countries in health promotion, strengthening national and community capacity

Cooperation with Member States, particularly in developing countries, in strengthening their capacity and infrastructure for health promotion and population-based NCD prevention, and incorporating it into national and community plans with emphasis on well planned implementation and evaluation.

3) Networks on chronic disease prevention and health promotion

Support networks and partnerships, at local, national and inter-country levels, in developing and implementing related policies and programmes, including most populous countries, and a global forum for health promotion dialogue.

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