HMN Toolbox

HMN Framework and Standards for Country Health Information System Strengthening

Now in its Second Edition, the Framework is a growing body of experience from HIS experts throughout the world. Learn more about the fundamentals of HIS, including the three-tiered approach to health information system strengthening with the HMN Framework. The Framework will continue to evolve and HMN is now receiving contributions from across the world that will shape the third edition. We look forward to capturing the work, best practices and aspirations of the global community commited to health information system strengthening.

Assessing the National Health Information System: An Assessment Tool

The Assessment Tool provides the guidance on how to assess a country health information system. This document explains the objectives of an HIS assessment, the key players involved, and how to facilitate the assessment. The Tool examines the integral components of a health information system and provides the information on how to determine key areas of focus. The Assessment Tool is part of the first Phase of HIS strengthening and when a country has conducted an assessment, the baselines for the state of HIS are determined.

Strategic Planning for HIS Implementation

Tools for HIS Components

Tools in Support of HIS Funding

Health Information System Architecture