HMN Partners

Partnerships are key to the role and function of HMN. Knowledge of the changing landscape of partner activities and donor priorities is crucial to understanding the best way in which to put health information systems reform at the forefront of local, national and global agendas. To ensure that HMN Secretariat activities are complementary to the work of partners, the Secretariat devotes substantial time integrating work across partners and leveraging resources for country health information system strengthening.

HMN Principles of Partnership

  • Joint commitment to align with our partners in unleashing the power of countries to use data for decision making
  • Joint interest and commitment to strengthening Health Information Systems
  • Joint commitment to the success of the organization
  • Joint recognition of each other's legitimate interests
  • Joint commitment to operating in a transparent manner
  • Joint commitment to add value to the arrangement
  • Joint commitment to promoting the HMN Framework & tools

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