About HMN and its Corporate Plan

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HMN’s mission is to mobilize partners to strengthen health information systems and to increase the availability of information for decisions to improve health outcomes in countries. Established in 2005, it is the first global partnership dedicated to strengthening national health information systems. HMN operates as a network of global, regional and country partners. As a country-owned and partner-driven platform, it assesses health information systems and sustainably improves them, through the use of the HMN Framework.

MOVE-IT for the MDGs: Recording every birth, death and cause of death

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HMN's priority strategic initiative called MOVE-IT aims to improve monitoring of vital events ― births, deaths and causes of death ― through innovation and the use of information technologies. Tens of millions of births and deaths go unrecorded each year and reliable data on causes of death are lacking for the majority of the world's population. MOVE-IT aims to contribute to reversing the lack of progress over several decades by supporting the development of standards and tools, advocacy, and innovative country projects. Momentum is building in a number of committed countries and regions, backed by HMN's partnering development agencies, for improved civil registration and vital statistics systems.

State of the World's Information Systems for Health

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A Progress Tracking Tool is under development to help countries measure health information system improvements. The State of the World Information Systems for Health (SWISH) report will document the current state of health information systems in countries and identify priority areas for strengthening.

The HMN Toolbox

The HMN Toolbox consists of the HMN Framework and Standards for Country Health Information System Strengthening and the Assessing the National Health Information System: An Assessment Tool as well as links to other useful documents and sources.

HMN Priorities

New United Nations resolution will incentivize countries to register all births

23 March 2012

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Antique Pennsylvania German birth/baptism certificate (Fraktur Taufschein) combines folk art with name, date and place of birth information.

The Health Metrics Network (HMN), along with its host, the World Health Organization, have added their support to a new United Nations resolution on birth registration. The resolution was initiated and drafted by Mexico and Turkey and received broad co-sponsorship in the Human Rights Council. Entitled “Birth registration and the right of everyone to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”, the resolution was adopted by consensus in the Council on 22 March 2012. It seeks action for universal registration at birth of all individuals, in order to reduce the high number of individuals throughout the world who are not registered, and as a result may not enjoy human rights or have access to essential services, including health care. HMN provided advice on the text of the resolution and stands ready to provide technical assistance to countries to strengthen their civil registration and health information systems.

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