Health statistics and information systems

Health statistics and information systems

The goal of WHO's work in health statistics is to improve country, regional and global health information. This information is vital for public health decision making, health sector reviews, planning and resource allocation and programme monitoring and evaluation. WHO contributes to improved health information through its activities in the three following areas: the Global Health Observatory, the common gateway to the wealth of WHO data and statistics, analysis and reports on key health themes; standards, tools and methods for data collection, compilation, analysis, and dissemination and country measurement and evaluation, collaborating with countries on data collection, analysis and approaches to address priority data gaps and strengthen country health information systems.

Monitoring universal health coverage (UHC)

Universal health coverage (UHC) is a priority goal for many countries and has also emerged as a possible goal in the post-2015 development agenda.

Monitoring progress towards UHC is critical globally and especially in countries, including intervention coverage, financial risk protection, both with an equity dimension.

The Global Health Observatory

The Global Health Observatory is a single point of entry to WHO's data and analyses on health priorities, providing comparative health data and analysis on the health situation, trends and determinants to inform global and country decision making.

Users can download data sets in various formats, display data for selected indicators, health topics, countries and regions, and download the customized tables in Excel format.

WHO report | Health in 2015: from MDGs to SDGs Progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has been remarkable, including, for instance, poverty reduction, education improvements and increased access to safe drinking water. Globally, the HIV, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics were “turned around”, and child mortality and maternal mortality decreased greatly (53% and 44%, respectively, since 1990) despite falling short of the MDG targets. The SDGs set a new health goal (“Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”) with a broad set of targets for 2030. The target on universal health coverage (UHC) provides the platform for integrated action across all 13 health targets.

The Health Data Collaborative: data for health and sustainable development

In a joint effort by multiple global health partners, this newly launched initiative works alongside countries to track progress toward the health-related Sustainable Development Goals. By establishing a network of working groups that address specific issues and fill technical gaps it will aim to align financial and technical resources around a common agenda for measurement and accountability.

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