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Community based health insurance: how can it contribute to progress towards UHC?

Community based health insurance: how can it contribute to progress towards UHC? cover

This policy brief outlines what community based health insurance is and why it is important to discuss it in relation to universal health coverage. It explores how community based health insurance fits into health financing policy and its key characteristics and effects of CBHI on progress towards UHC. Evidence of community based health insurance based on theory and practice is presented to show their impact on population coverage, utilisation of health services and financial protection.

Coverage, access and financial protection in Europe: a regional overview

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The WHO Regional Office for Europe initiated a multi-year project in 2015 to strengthen the monitoring of financial protection and generate new evidence on progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). Working through the WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Strengthening, part of the Division of Health Systems and Public Health, the Regional Office has developed an approach to monitoring financial protection that aims to be relevant to all Member States in the region, generate actionable evidence for policy, and promote pro-poor policies to break the link between poverty and ill health.

Improving the quality of care in the public health system in Bangladesh: building on new evidence and current policy levers

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Bangladesh has been implementing health sectoral policies as well as an institutional arrangement on improving quality of care since the 2010s. This Bangladesh HiT Policy Note reviews current policy framework and identifies gaps and key policy opportunities in the light of international evidence.

New publication on expanding fiscal space to support UHC in LMICs

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December 2016 – Fiscal space is a very important concept for health financing reform to support universal health coverage. This paper is the first comprehensive review of studies from more than 40 low- and middle-income countries to explore how the concept of fiscal space is applied and used. Analysis explores results of country-level projections of fiscal space and assesses the main methods used to project fiscal space for health. This review complements the programme of work under the Collaborative Agenda on Fiscal Space, Public Financial Management and Health Financing.

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