Health financing for universal coverage

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Alternative financing strategies for universal health coverage

Health financing reforms are at the core of strategies to move towards universal health coverage (UHC). There is not one solution to every context, and this chapter synthesizes theory, lessons and financing reforms. It highlights the pitfalls on the path to UHC, and financial protection to the informal sector that comprises the majority of the population.

New publication: health financing country diagnostic

The health financing country diagnostic provides step-by-step guidance on how to undertake a comprehensive situation analysis of a country’s health financing system. This guide considers a number of issues including the current of level, mix and sources of funding for the health sector and institutional arrangements for health financing. It also assesses the performance of the system against the objectives and goals of universal health coverage (UHC).

The guide is written for Ministries of Health and other actors responsible for developing and implementing health financing policies, as well as those in an advisory role.

Health financing policy brief Nº 1

Raising revenues for health in support of UHC: strategic issues for policy makers

Governments should aim to move towards a predominant reliance on public funding for health, as evidence shows this increases access to health services and improves financial protection for the population. This is a key message in a new policy brief about raising revenues for health in support of universal health coverage.

Case study-reports on improving health system efficiency

Ten country case-studies and synthesis report on improving health system efficiency analyse various health system reforms and their impact on efficiency in Burundi, Chile, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, South Africa and Uruguay.

The case studies cover a wide range of issues including reforms in essential drug policy and regulation, benefit package design, provider payment methods, social health insurance market structure, aid coordination, and human resources for health. The synthesis report provides an analytical summary of these country experiences.

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