Humanitarian Health Action

Technical Guidelines - Emergency Management Essentials

  • Reporting template
    When an emergency unfolds, collecting information on the needs of the affected population is a crucial step for quickly orienting the response and mobilizing the resources.

    The reporting template aims to help with field data gathering and reporting in a quick and standardized way. Simple instructions for collecting the information and completing the situation report can be downloaded as a separate document, as well as the most common reference values useful for interpreting the findings.

  • Myths & realities
    This section breaks down some of the myths surrounding emergencies situations by explaining the realities about dead bodies, nutrition, refugees, etc.

  • Technological disaster information
    Information on terrorism and public health, chemical incidents and ionizing radiation.

  • Natural disaster profiles
    Technical hazard sheets for droughts, earthquakes, floods, landmines, tsunamis, vegetation fires and volcanos.

  • Relevant papers for complex emergencies
    A listing of relevant papers for the public health professional on the subject of complex emergencies.
  • Standard Health Kit descriptions
    Descriptions of the contents of health kits used by WHO/HAC in crises situations.
  • Travelers' health
    Web site for WHO International Travel and Health


Emergency Response Framework (ERF)

ERF is to clarify WHO’s roles and responsibilities and to provide a common approach for its work in emergencies.

Reform of WHO’s emergency capacities

WHO is undergoing substantial reform to ensure the Organization's emergency capacities are fit for purpose