Humanitarian Health Action

78th IASC Working Group meeting in Rome and ohter inter-agency meetings

Monthly Highlights - November 2010

78th IASC Working Group, Rome, 10-12 November 2010

WHO participated in the 78th IASC Working Group hosted by FAO in Rome on 10-12 November. Among the many topics discussed, the following main points can be noted:

  • The Working Group extended the mandate of the IASC Task Team on the Cluster Approach until the end of 2011 and requested that it prioritize proposed forward action on the Management Response Plan to the Cluster Evaluation Phase 2.
  • Regarding humanitarian financing, the Working Group appreciated the progress made so far and agreed with proposed way forward on humanitarian financing for preparedness, early recovery and transition.
  • The Working Group asked the IASC Core Group to develop a strategic work plan on humanitarian space for review in March 2011. Accreditation of NGOs was discussed but further deliberations are needed.
  • There was a discussion following-up on the lessons learned from Haiti. It focused on improving response, coordination, and leadership. WHO, as part of the IASC Steering Committee on lessons learned from Haiti, helped shape the background document for this agenda item.
  • There was a recommendation to improve the link between Post Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNA) and (humanitarian) needs assessments and to mainstream assessment and analysis tools among IASC-member organizations. OCHA and WHO will work on Standing Operating Procedures.
  • Several approaches to strengthen the accountability of humanitarian coordinators and humanitarian country teams were reviewed.

The 79th meeting of the Working Group will be co-hosted by WHO and IOM in Cairo from 15-17 March 2011.

Other meetings
  • WHO will host the 15 December IASC Principals meeting in Geneva. The meeting will be chaired by the Emergency Relief Coordinator and the WHO Director-General will participate and host the working luncheon for heads of agencies.
  • ADG/HAC and WFP Director of Operations have become the new co-conveners for the UNDG -ECHA Working Group on Transition (WGT). UN DOCO and OCHA will continue to serve as secretariat. The WGT serves to ensure policy coherence on various transition issues. It has a broad agency and UN Secretariat departments’ membership. An end of the year retreat will take place in New York on 17 December.
  • WHO participated in the 12th Emergency Directors Meeting hosted by FAO on 9 November. The next meeting will take place in March 2001.