Humanitarian Health Action

Interagency meetings - March 2011

Monthly Highlights

WHO will participate to the IASC Principals meeting in New York on 19 April. The meeting will discuss the need to adapt to a changing operating context for humanitarian action to better support affected countries to take responsibility for relief operations on their own territory.

In March, WHO participated in:

  • an ad-hoc IASC Working Group on 31 March on humanitarian space to discuss solutions to challenges that impact the ability of humanitarian actors to operate in a safe and principled manner.
  • an ad-hoc IASC Principals meeting on Côte D'Ivoire on 29 March. The meeting discussed humanitarian access, security and logistics, plans to strengthen the humanitarian presence and ways to raise awareness and mobilize funds to respond to the crisis in the country and in the region.
  • the UN ECHA meeting on 21 March on Somalia and the DRC.
  • an ad-hoc IASC Principals meeting on Japan and Côte d'Ivoire on 18 March.