Humanitarian Health Action

Global Health Cluster

The Global Health Cluster (GHC), under the leadership of the World Health Organization, is made up of more than 30 international humanitarian health organizations that have been working together over the past four years to build partnerships and mutual understanding and to develop common approaches to humanitarian health action.


Seeking Expression of Interest (EoI) for a joint evaluation of the ECHO funded project 'Strengthening health sector performance in acute emergencies'

The World Health Organization’s department for Emergency Risk Management and Humanitarian Response (ERM) and the NGO consortium (International Medical Corps and Safe the Children UK) are looking for two consultants to lead a joint evaluation team that includes people from WHO and the two NGOs.

Report of the Global Health Cluster partners survey 2012

The GHC partners Survey that was carried out between November 2012 and January 2013. It was conducted as part of the GHC coordination role, with the aim to promote predictability and effectiveness in future health responses to emergencies. It seeks to take stock of the resources and capacities of different partners in the GHC that can be mobilized in the wake of a large scale emergency, to determine the predictable operational response capacity for cluster-wide activation of the GHC partners, to document the areas of technical expertise for both operational and non-operational GHC partners; and to explore potential synergies and avoiding duplications of efforts especially in the procurement, preposition of drugs, medical supplies and logistics.

The strategic framework of the Global Health Cluster

This paper outlines the third Strategic Framework of the Global Health Cluster covering the period 2012-2013. Taking stock of the GHC progress made since 2005, including its achievements as well as remaining challenges, this paper will present a reconfirmation and/or revision of the GHC vision, mission, guiding principles, strategic priorities and goals. It explains the structure and functioning of the GHC and it describes how resources will be mobilized to fulfill the related annual work plans of the GHC.

Global Health Cluster Trainings

GHC is organizing health cluster coordinator (HCC) trainings to prepare participants for deployment in acute and chronic emergency situations. The curriculum includes in-depth learning about the role of HCC and the use of the GHC tools.

Global Health Cluster Orientation Package

This orientation package provides standardized information on the Health Cluster. The aim is to provide an overview and raise awareness of the Humanitarian Reform, of the Health Cluster approach and of cluster finance mechanisms. The intended audience is Health Cluster partners and potential partners, at global, regional and country level.

GHC position paper: removing user fees for primary health care services during humanitarian crises

The position paper provides guidance for the removal of user fees for the provision of primary health care services during humanitarian crises.

GHC position paper: civil-military coordination during humanitarian health action

The position paper addresses coordination between civilian humanitarian actors and official, internationally deployed military actors involved in crisis response work.