Humanitarian Health Action

The strategic framework of the Global Health Cluster

The vision of the GHC

Optimized health outcomes through timely, effective, complementary and coordinated action before, during and after crises.

The mission of the GHC

Build consensus on humanitarian health priorities and related best practices, and strengthen system-wide capacities to ensure an effective and predictable response.

The guiding principles of the GHC

  • Commitment and voluntary cooperation
  • Partnership
  • Community participation
  • Tapping and building national capacities
  • Support national authorities

Strategic priorities

Four strategic priorities guide the work of the GHC and provide a structure in which to examine our accomplishments and challenges.

  • Build capacities within country clusters to design, implement and monitor an effective, evidence-based humanitarian health response.
  • Ensure supplementary human and material resources are readily accessible to country clusters.
  • Specify humanitarian health priorities and coordinate global actions to address them.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the health cluster at global and country levels over time.