Humanitarian Health Action

The strategic framework of the Global Health Cluster

The vision of the GHC

The global health partnership for minimizing mortality, morbidity and disability due to humanitarian emergencies, while promoting the well-being and dignity of affected populations.

The mission of the GHC

The Global Health Cluster works to minimize the health impact of humanitarian emergencies. The partnership strengthens global capacities for emergency preparedness, response and recovery, engages in collective and coordinated field operations, and advances the evidence base and practice in preparing for, responding to and recovering from humanitarian health crises. Partners are committed to act in support of national capacities and to be accountable to those we serve.

The guiding principles of the GHC

  • Commitment and voluntary cooperation
  • Partnership
  • Community participation and accountability to affected populations
  • Support national authorities' coordination efforts, priorities and building capacities
  • Adherence to humanitarian principles and the right to health

Strategic priorities

Five strategic priorities guide the work of the GHC and provide a structure in which to examine our accomplishments and challenges.

  • Strengthen and expand the global capacity for effective humanitarian health action.
  • Strengthen technical and operational support for country health clusters and coordinators.
  • Improve the harmonization, quality and timeliness of humanitarian health information.
  • Address strategic and technical gaps.
  • Enhance the advocacy role of the GHC.