Humanitarian Health Action

About the Global Health Cluster

WHO and partners work together both at the global/regional and country levels to improve the effectiveness, predictability and accountability of humanitarian health action. At the global/regional level, health partners work to strengthen their individual and collective capacities to respond better and faster. At country level, health partners work to jointly assess and analyse information, prioritize the interventions, build an evidence-based strategy and action plan, monitor the health situation and the health sector response, adapt/re-plan as necessary, mobilize resources and advocate for humanitarian health action.

WHO takes its leadership of the health cluster seriously and has worked diligently to deliver on this commitment at all levels of the Organization. The 48 GHC partner agencies and organizations continue to demonstrate their commitment to the cluster approach through participation in the GHC as well as through their own internal efforts to mainstream their cluster roles and responsibilities.

Global Health Cluster reports on activities

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