Humanitarian Health Action



World Humanitarian Day 2014 – the world needs more humanitarian heroes

"The world needs more humanitarian heroes." This is the call of World Humanitarian Day 2014, a global event being held on 19 August to recognise the efforts of aid workers who support people affected by conflicts, natural disasters and other emergencies. The date marks the anniversary of the 2003 UN Headquarters bombing in Baghdad when 22 people lost their lives.

World Humanitarian Summit

Help shape the future of humanitarian action. For the next two years, IASC members will be fully engaged in the consultations for the World Humanitarian Summit, an initiative of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to leverage new partnerships, new technologies and new ways of working to improve support for people suffering from natural disasters or conflicts. Online consultations begin in May 2014. Regional consultation meetings begin in June 2014.


Health and the Post-2015 Framework for Reducing Risks of Disasters

The purpose of this online consultation is to stimulate discussion on health, and to gather the perspectives from the global community on how a post-2015 framework and the actions of all stakeholders can achieve optimal health outcomes for people at risk of emergencies and disasters. The consultation will provide vital inputs to papers and dialogues at the 4th Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction which will be held from 19-23 May 2013 in Geneva, including in the informal plenary sessions on the post-2015 framework and in side events with a health dimension to them. Please participate to the online discussion.

Analysing Disrupted Health Sectors in Countries in Crisis course

This 10 day residential training programme for health professionals is focused on the analysis of health systems of countries affected by, or recovering from, protracted crises. It is organized jointly with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Merlin and the World Health Organisation (WHO).