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International Conference on the Implementation of the Health Aspects of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 – 2030

10 - 11 March 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand organized by UNISDR, Thailand government and WHO. The Sendai Framework is relevant to the health sector, as to all sectors which contribute to managing health risks of emergencies and disasters. Health is included in the expected outcome and goal of the Sendai Framework. The Goal of Sendai Framework is to prevent new and reduce existing disaster risks through the implementation of integrated and inclusive economic, structural, legal, social, health, cultural, educational, environmental, technological, political and institutional measures that prevent and reduce hazard exposure and vulnerability to disaster, increase preparedness for response and recovery, and thus strengthen the resilience. Four out of the seven global targets stated in the Sendai Framework are directly related to health, including reducing disaster mortality and the number of affected people, Disaster damage to critical infrastructure and disruption of basic services, including health facilities.

Advanced course: Analysing disrupted health sectors in countries in crisis

This two week residential training programme for health professionals is focused on the analysis of health systems of countries affected by, or recovering from, protracted crises. Jointly organised by Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Save the Children, and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Health Emergency Highlights

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Reform of WHO's emergency capacities

WHO is undergoing substantial reform to ensure the Organization's emergency capacities are fit for purpose


    Diseases surveillance, alert and response in emergencies project launch
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Emergency Response Framework (ERF)

ERF is to clarify WHO’s roles and responsibilities and to provide a common approach for its work in emergencies.