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Iraq health situation - Saudi Arabia supports WHO's response

20 August 2014 – Humanitarian health services in Iraq have received a much-needed boost through a $US 49 million grant provided by Saudi Arabia to WHO for its response to the health crisis facing millions of people affected by the ongoing conflict in Iraq. The support complements much needed donations from multiple partners to help WHO and our health partners to scale up its response to disease outbreaks, malnutrition, medicine shortages and overburdened hospitals and clinics.

WHO calls for protection of health workers in conflicts, disasters

A humanitarian worker with school children, Syria.
S. Sabouni

18 August 2014 -- As major emergencies around the globe increase in scale, complexity and frequency, WHO is calling for an end to the targeting of health workers in conflicts and other humanitarian crises, which represent a breach of the fundamental right to health. On World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, WHO will draw attention to attacks on health-care workers, hospitals, clinics and ambulances in Syria, Gaza, Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan and other areas.

Gaza conflict

Regional Director Ala Alwan in Gaza urges support for the health system
Regional Director Ala Alwan in Gaza urges support for the health system

13 August 2014 -- The number of people killed and injured has decreased dramatically between 5 – 12 August, there has been 86 casualties and 444 injuries. During the ceasefire some of the primary health clinics that had been closed, because of the security, reopened and improved access to health care.

Syria crises - WHO and the Syrian Arab Red Cresent reach eastern Aleppo and Mouadamiya

Delivery of surgical and medical assistance.
Delivery of surgical and medical assistance.

31 July 2014, Damaskus – Subsequent to an agreement with the Syrian government and the opposition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have delivered surgical and medical assistance to besieged eastern Aleppo and communities in Mouadamiya in Rural Damascus.

Recent crises

Health emergency highlights

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