Humanitarian Health Action

WHO health supplies assistance to South Asia earthquake and tsunamis affected populations

  • WHO's immediate response to the material needs and requirements of countries/areas affected by large scale natural disasters focuses on the provision of well-tested, standardized packages/sets of essential drugs and health supplies. The kits that WHO provides and recommends contains a balanced combination of well-tested essential drugs and medical supplies that have been recommended by panel(s) of WHO's and international experts and have proved safe and cost-effective in emergency situations.
  • Each kit is meant to cater either a standard population or a defined number of patients/cases. Quantities of every single item in each kit have been balanced towards and are complementary to other drugs and supplies in the same kit. The drugs and health supplies included in WHO Kits.
  • The kits that WHO provide as part of the relief effort are meant to address diseases of public health relevance in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters.
  • WHO does not usually supply other items that are nevertheless vital in providing relief to disaster affected countries (food, shelter, tents, generators, desalinization units etc.). WHO nevertheless maintain a strong operational link with other UN and specialized agencies, international organizations, NGOs and humanitarian actors throughout the world and facilitate the circulation of information from interested donors.

WHO's recommendations for donations in kind

WHO supports and recommends donations in kind to crisis-affected populations in South Asia. Drugs donations should, however, comply with WHO drug donations guidelines. In particular WHO recommends that in the first few weeks the supply of medical donations, unless upon specific request from recipient countries or from WHO coordinating on the ground, is as far as possible standardized, in order to facilitate their distribution and use. All items included/listed in WHO kits provide guidance to interested donors.

For further information on donations in kind please