Humanitarian Health Action


The provision of health services has been adversely affected by economic instability in recent years. The quality of services, as reflected by the basic indicators of the country’s socio-economic situation and the quality of life, indicate no signs of improvement. Funding gaps in the health sector are a major concern in a country with increased numbers of epidemics, drug shortages, and manpower crisis in strategic departments affected by HIV/AIDS. Therefore, support from the humanitarian community is still required.

Health System

The health infrastructure (equipment and services) has deteriorated over the years, the Government and the private sector’s ability to support and provide basic services, particularly health, has drastically declined. The most vulnerable populations are the most severely affected by the lack of access to health care in terms of acute needs and risk of disease outbreak. Furthermore, the sector has not only been severely affected by the brain drain but also by HIV/AIDS infections and deaths of skilled and experienced personnel.