Humanitarian Health Action

United Nations supplies arrive in Syrian conflict zone

A 78-truck United Nations convoy has delivered humanitarian supplies for thousands of vulnerable and displaced people in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The convoy brings medicines, medical supplies, food supplies, hygiene kits, family kits, blankets and mattresses from the Turkish border crossing at Nusaybin to the UN warehouse in Qamishli, Al-Hasakh, a hard-to-reach area in the north east of the country.

Medical supplies contributed by WHO will cover the needs of 60 000 people and 1000 surgical interventions. A series of airlifts from Damascus have already delivered medical supplies from WHO for more than 335 000 vulnerable and displaced Syrians. The convoy also includes supplies provided by the World Food Programme, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration. It is the first time in three years of this brutal conflict that the UN has been able to carry aid across into the Syrian Arab Republic from Turkey.

People loading medicine from a truck.
Stock photo: WHO/T. Jasarevic

WHO has been working with health partners to provide medicines and health services to the 9.3 million people affected by the conflict. The north-eastern governorate of Al-Hasakh has been particularly affected by the violence in the Syrian Arab Republic and currently hosts more than 188 000 displaced people.

The convoy was granted access under the recently approved UN Security Council Resolution 2139, which demands that all parties in the Syrian conflict allow rapid, safe and unhindered access to humanitarian aid agencies, including across conflict lines and borders.