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WHO reaches more people in need with lifesaving treatments in Duma

WHO reaches more people in need with lifesaving treatments in Duma

13 June 2016 – Despite security challenges, WHO continues to reach people in besieged and hard-to-reach areas in Syria with health humanitarian assistance. These sites include Duma, Syria, where impediments to proper water and sanitation services have resulted in poor living, hygiene and sanitation conditions, as well as a lack of access to emergency and chronic disease medications and medical supplies.

WHO helps diabetes patients in Syria

A shortage of insulin in Syria is threatening the health of thousands of people with diabetes. WHO is working hard to fill the gap created by the disrupted health system and lack of local production but many challenges remain.

Humanitarian sign of hope 5 years into the Syrian conflict: WHO increases its response to reach more people

Convoy of medical supplies

Five years since the conflict began in Syria, millions of people across the country continue to suffer from limited access to basic medical care services because of ongoing conflict and a deteriorating health system. Over 11 million people are in need of health assistance that many hospitals and primary health clinics are unable to adequately provide. More than 4.8 million people have taken refuge in neighbouring countries and beyond.

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Syrian Arab Republic - WHO Humanitarian Response Plan 2016

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US$ 437 208 904 (health partners including WHO)

WHO requirements
US$ 141 385 094

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