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WHO Grade 2 emergency

Pre-famine situation in Somalia and its impact in the Horn of Africa region


24 May 2017 – The international community and the Somali federal government have both raised a red flag over the drought and pre-famine situation that has affected half of the country’s population. The drought has resulted in food insecurity, which has led to large scale malnutrition that has directly affected the health of the population. In this drought, which is geographically the most stretched, relative to previous droughts, the health sector is confronted by multiple challenges. Malnutrition and pre-famine situations are two killers in their own right and two major underlying causes of ill-health and disease.

WHO grade 2 emergency

Somalia: WHO and Ministry of Health enhance cholera response efforts in Bay region

22 March 2017 - The Ministry of Health in Somalia, with support from WHO, deployed a technical team to assess the magnitude and challenges of the cholera outbreak in Bay region, and provide technical assistance to scale up the response. The team visited 3 cholera treatment centres (CTCs) and 9 cholera treatment units (CTUs) in Baidoa and surrounding villages. While the treatment facilities receive support from health cluster partners, none of them have adequate water and sanitation facilities.