Humanitarian Health Action

Somalia appeal documents




  • 10 December 2009

    Humanitarian health action in Somalia - call for urgent support

    Over the last twelve months, more than 1.5 million people have fled renewed heavy fighting in Mogadishu and other parts of South Central Somalia. Over 3.6 million people are now in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The escalating violence, new population displacements, shrinking humanitarian space and limited health services present acute risks to the health of these internally displaced people (IDPs). The increasing gaps in essential and lifesaving health coverage and the lack of safe water and sanitation are leading to increased outbreaks of communicable diseases, growing rates of severe acute malnutrition, and dramatically low immunization rates.

  • 9 July 2009

    Donor alert

    Health Cluster Office of the United Nations Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia donor alert. Deteriorating health situation in South and Central Somalia calls for urgent humanitarian action.


  • 10 December 2006

  • December 2006

    Horn of Africa - Call for resource mobilization

    WHO is looking at an affected population of about 2 million as far as immediate and medium term threats are concerned. As far as polio eradication is concerned, the potential economic and social impact of a failure of this effort is much more difficult to estimate.

  • February 2006

    Somalia: Call for resource mobilization

    Years of widespread internal conflict and no central government has left Somalia in extreme poverty. Food insecurity has led to widespread malnutrition in many areas. Potable water and sanitation coverage is extremely poor and the majority of health centres have no water supply. There is minimal national capacity to provide health services, although hospitals are gradually being rebuilt in the north and a fledgling private sector is emerging.