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Sudan's fight against acute watery diarrhoea: Hammad's story

Hammad Yousif Ibrahim (42) from Kosti, White Nile State, was treated for life-threatening AWD at WHO's cholera treatment centre in Kosti.

November 2017 -- Acute watery diarrhoea (AWD) has affected Sudan since August 2016, infecting over 36 000 people and killing over 800. Over the next 5 weeks, read along as we introduce you to the people living with and fighting against this deadly disease.

WHO Grade 2 emergency

Sudan: Rainy season acute watery diarrhoea response efforts ramp up in South and Central Darfur

September 2017 - With Sudan’s rainy season underway, the risk of AWD spreading more quickly has increased. Potential risk factors include increasing breeding sites for insects, decreasing quality of water and sanitation facilities, and the possibility of worsening faecal and food hygiene.

Access to key medicine for nearly 2 million Sudanese due to USAID contribution

July 2017 -- Between January and May 2017, over 137,000 South Sudanese arrived in Sudan as refugees, fleeing their home and often leaving their possessions behind to escape a civil war. These new arrivals meant that there were now 418,000 refugees in Sudan, and that no less than 3,4 million people were in need of better health services in the country.

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