Humanitarian Health Action

An insight into risks - A vision for resilience - Nepal earthquake 2015

This book is an eyewitness account of those 55 seconds that changed Nepal on 25 April 2015. Even in this age of instant information, it can take time to establish facts and reach a full understanding of an event’s impact. In the days and weeks following the earthquake, for example, the numbers of those who perished, who were injured and who were displaced became clearer as affected groups were reached. But even when all facts are known, our focus can be askew. When making sense of past events, experts and disaster managers often overlook the “why” and “how” and instead focus on describing the response. This can leave important questions unanswered and create a deficit in our understanding. The specifics of the Nepal earthquake, documented here in detail, will provide the information necessary to understand how public health and other issues evolved. It will also inform future disaster preparedness in the country.