Humanitarian Health Action

WHO responding to health crises caused by large-scale population displacements in Iraq

A child is administered the OPV during the polio measeles NID campaign in Iraq 14-18 September 2014.
WHO/Dr. Nima Sa'eed

September 2014 -– Intensified conflict has sparked a massive displacement of people across Iraq, posing a wide range of health threats. WHO and partners are responding to this crisis by controlling disease outbreaks, supplying medicines and strengthening hospitals, clinics and the health workforce.

Iraq health situation - Saudi Arabia supports WHO's response

20 August 2014 – Humanitarian health services in Iraq have received a much-needed boost through a $US 49 million grant provided by Saudi Arabia to WHO for its response to the health crisis facing millions of people affected by the ongoing conflict in Iraq. The support complements much needed donations from multiple partners to help WHO and our health partners to scale up its response to disease outbreaks, malnutrition, medicine shortages and overburdened hospitals and clinics.

WHO responds to health needs of populations affected by crisis in Iraq

10 July 2014 -- According to a report by the Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) published on 4 July, internally displaced persons have now been identified in 17 of 18 governorates in Iraq. WHO is working with local and international partners in Iraq to meet the urgent health needs of populations affected by the ongoing crisis.

Health in Iraq