Humanitarian Health Action

WHO’s response to trauma cases saves hundreds of lives in Iraq

Farouk recovering after surgery at the Emergency hospital in Erbil.

5 January 2016 – Since 17 October 2016, WHO has supported the Government of Iraq and the Kurdish Regional Government with emergency lifesaving health services, including emergency medicines and other medical supplies like trauma and surgery kits. These supplies are meant to support the increasing number of trauma cases received at trauma stabilization points and en route to the final points of performing surgery.

Iraq WHO Grade 3 emergency

Iraq: Internally displaced health workers support services for IDPs in Kirkuk

29 December 2016 – Nine-year old Heba fled Hawija district in Kirkuk, Iraq, with her parents and 3 brothers almost 2 months ago and has been living in Daquq camp in Kirkuk since. “We lived under ISIL for more than 2 years,” said Heba’s mother. “We left because there was no food left to buy but bread. We were hungry, and we were scared for our lives from the constant airstrikes.”

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