Humanitarian Health Action

Central African Republic appeal documents


  • 23 February 2015

    WHO Central African Republic country brief and funding request

    WHO and health partners brought support to 80% of the 55% of health structures currently delivering health services providing a lifeline. Yet, insufficient actions, actors and coverage when compared with the needs, are due partly to insecurity.


  • February 2014

    Even before the latest upsurge in violence, the country had some of the worst health indicators globally. Prior to the crisis, the Central African Republic had the sixth-highest child mortality and the third-highest maternal mortality rates in the world. A child had a 16% chance of dying before his/her fifth birthday.


  • 27 December 2013

    Update on the health response to the crises in the Central African Republic

    WHO requires US$ 16.7 million to address the health needs of the population affected by the crisis in the Central African Republic

  • 23 December 2013

    Public Health Risk Assessment

    The purpose of this public health risk assessment is to provide all health sector partners, including professionals of local and national authorities, non‐governmental organizations (NGOs), donor agencies and United Nations agencies currently working with populations affected  by the  emergency  in the  Central Africa  Republic, with  up‐to‐date technical guidance on the major public health threats faced by the affected population.

  • 11 December 2013

    WHO scaling up response to the crisis in the Central African Republic

    In response to the further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the Central African Republic, WHO is stepping up its health response operations in the country. The Organization is appealing for US$ 5.4 million to support coordination, emergency health care, the reestablishment of basic health services and the emergency disease early warning and response system.