Clean Care is Safer Care

Benefits of Hand Hygiene Campaigns

Global health improvement

There is a compelling argument for campaigning as a way of achieving global health improvement. The Global Public Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap, the IHI 100k Lives and Five Million Lives Campaigns all employ the fundamental principles of campaigning to effect transformational change.

Campaigning can help build-up a collective will and energy, campaigns tend to be practical, build momentum, and aid in the creation of a movement of individuals and groups, united in a common cause.

The benefits of joining WHO CleanHandsNet

The work of the Challenge has resulted in a number of new campaigns on hand hygiene. At the same time a number of existing campaigns are being strengthened through the impetus of the Challenge. Clearly there are benefits in sharing wisdom, and the learning which each campaigning nation has is rich, with a clear potential to benefit all nations, particularly those at the beginning of this important journey.

We know that collective efforts enhances the chance we have of achieving our vision. The following specific benefits of joining this growing movement are listed below:

  • WHO CleanHandsNet provides a forum for sharing and learning from others engaged in similar activities.
  • You will be part of the first global network of nations committed to patient safety:
    • Establish contact between like-minded people.
    • Exchange knowledge.
    • Participate in developing and implementing innovative approaches to improve hand hygiene globally.
  • Being part of a global network can enhance your ability to obtain support from authorities with in the country, as well as to fundraise within each country and internationally.