Clean Care is Safer Care

Update no 9

4 June 2009

Dear colleagues

It is nearly a month since we formally launched the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative as the next phase of WHO's First Global Patient Safety Challenge. The success of the 5 May 2009 is measured by the many activities and events held in health-care facilities and countries throughout the world. Some of these, but by no means all, are captured on the following link:

Congratulations to everyone who chose to profile infection control and hand hygiene on 5 May and who continue to work on ensuring hand hygiene at the point of care and patient safety.

Registration update

Hospitals and other facilities have continued to register demonstrating their support for being actively involved in improving infection control in their locations , including hand hygiene at the point of patient care. To date 5479 facilities from 118 countries have registered support for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. All details about the registrations including countries and their WHO regions can always be found on the Registration update page:

Access to information

The website is the best way of accessing information. You can download many resources including the promotional DVD and use it as an opening for a presentation, or use it to highlight the importance of hand hygiene. The webinar presentation by Professor Didier Pittet which happened on 5 May has some excellent information and material on it and is also available on the website. And there are some case studies. If you would like to have your case study on the website fill in our online form:

Recent frequently asked questions

Since 5 May we have received several queries relating to the following:

  • Translations: Many people would like to know when the revised toolkit and materials will be translated into the six official WHO languages. This work has started however it takes time, and we expect the first set of translations (French) to be completed in approx 3 months. As translations are completed, they will be posted on the website.
  • Mailing out the revised WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care and implementation toolkit: We have had a lot of requests for materials to be posted. In the first instance, one copy of the Guidelines and implementation toolkit are being distributed to stakeholders who represent campaigning countries.  Other request are being considered as they come in. It is important that people requesting materials to be posted to them give the exact posting details including a telephone number (you can choose to have materials posted to you directly or via your WHO Regional Office). However, please bear in mind supplies of these documents are unfortunately limited, including that we do not currently have copies of all of our posters printed for distribution, and we encourage people to download our materials for local use as much as possible.
  • The training DVD film on the 5 moments: This is currently only available to 'stream' live from the webpages. We hope that over the coming months we will be able to provide this in another format.

Claire Kilpatrick
Programme Manager
On behalf of the First Global Patient Safety Challenge Team