Clean Care is Safer Care

Update No 15

2 December 2009

Dear colleagues

10,000 for 2010

The countdown has started! In less than one month the new year of 2010 will be here and 5 May will not be far away. Already registrations are starting to increase, thank you for all your support with this. And, we are getting several enquiries about how to register and what people need to do.

How to register

Simply complete the form at this weblink. Or, if people don’t have access to the internet, you can encourage them to register by post (they can contact us for more information on this). It is also possible to register a number of hospitals in one block, please see the page above for details. Once registered, as you know, updates and information about 5 May 2010 will be sent out regularly and people can feel part of this growing and crucial global movement and annual initiative.

Questions & queries

When we receive questions and queries about 5 May, we will respond to them directly and also include them in this newsletter if they apply to other hospitals/facilities or countries. We are also developing a common questions and answers document for our web pages to help everyone easily understand about the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands annual initiative and how they can participate. Two recent queries:

  • Do I need to re-register for May 2010? - You do not need to re-register if you registered for 5 May 2009 because you will already be on the list of facilities for your country.
  • The links in this newsletter do not work, can you send the correct links? - The URLs in the newsletter are correct. If the links don’t work for you the problem could be that your version of email does not allow you to go straight to a URL. The links must then be copied-pasted in the internet window.

Activities for 5 May 2010

As we receive notification of activities that you may be organizing locally, we will post them on the website. Your details may need to be reformatted for space reasons, however, every effort will be made to ensure the main event, location and contact details are included. There is no form for this, just send in your activity to

WHO activities for 5 May 2010

In the last newsletter we promised you an update on our activities. There are three activities already in the planning stage:

  • Professor Didier Pittet, external lead for the First Global Patient Safety Challenge based at the WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety (Infection Control and Improving Practices), University Hospitals Geneva, will once again broadcast a live webinar. His first webinar on 5 May 2009 was very successful and we hope to achieve a large global audience this year.
  • A simplified hand hygiene observation tool based on one of the WHO My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene will be issued to focus health-care workers on taking action at the point of care by monitoring compliance.
  • Data will be presented from the pilot test sites around the world where hospitals trialled the WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy using the associated evaluation tools to monitor their hand hygiene compliance as well as other areas such as their perceptions and knowledge of hand hygiene and HAI. This will be valuable information for all of those continuing to apply strategies to increase hand hygiene.

Further information

We will continue to use this newsletter to update everyone about progress, planned 5 May activities, and where to access more information. Our web pages are currently being revised and re-launched. Registrations will continue to be profiled there with the registration totals featured in a new 'target meter' on the home page. If you have just joined us, archived SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands newsletters can also be found on our web pages.

New webinar series

A full webinar series of monthly infection control presentations will also be launched in 2010. The programme will be made available on the web pages and featured in future communications, please join us and the many experts who will be part of this.

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands isn’t just about numbers and websites. It is a major call to action to ensure greater global and local awareness about the importance of hand hygiene to support the reduction of health care-associated infection, which is an on-going problem worldwide.

We hope you will continue to join with us in promoting hand hygiene throughout the world, in every health-care setting, all hospitals and facilities where patient care takes place. Remember to access all information related to the First Challenge, including the suite of hand hygiene implementation tools at our website and to contact us at

And finally, please cascade this and other SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands messages to as many as you can to help us in this global movement, the time is now more critical than ever.

Yours sincerely
Claire Kilpatrick
Programme Manager, First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care