Clean Care is Safer Care

Update no 10

4 July 2009

Dear colleagues

I am sending you this email while in Durban South Africa, attending the International Council of Nurses’ Congress. With more than 4000 people at this event, it is an ideal opportunity to profile all of the important work undertaken for WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, as part of the First Patient Safety Global Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care.

Since 5 May, the registration numbers continue to climb which is excellent news. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to hand hygiene and infection control.

This month's newsletter is focused on two specific aspects of the "Guide to the Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy". The strategy described in the guide has been designed for use by any healthcare facility irrespective of the level of resources or whether the facility has already implemented any hand hygiene initiatives. The ultimate goal is to reduce both the spread of infection and multi-resistant germs as well as the numbers of patients acquiring HCAI.

Ward infrastructure survey

If your health-care facility is looking to improve its infrastructure, this is a one in a range of tools that can support the implementation of system change. You can use the survey (pg 12 of the guide) or download from the website here.

Improving safety climate

Perhaps your facility is trying to improve its safety climate? There are several initiatives you can use, one of which is to prepare a targeted letter which advocates hand hygiene and which can be sent to senior clinical and administrative managers. Such a communiqué can help initial dialogue with key decision makers and encourage investment in hand hygiene as an important means of reducing HCAI. You can find all the instructions on pg 30 of the guide or download a template letter from the website here.

And, finally this month, continuing to cascade key messages about the importance of hand hygiene is a great way of spreading the word. Take the time to recommend one or more of the WHO supporting implementation tools to 5 others. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Claire Kilpatrick
Programme Manager
First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care