Meeting Registration for the governing bodies

Online registration is now required for both the Executive Board and the World Health Assembly. For each meeting, the registration of a focal point is necessary.


Before each meeting, an invitation will be sent to Member States indicating a link to access the electronic Governing Bodies Meeting Registration System in order to register online one Focal Point at the Permanent Mission in Geneva, by attaching a note verbale (official diplomatic note prepared on letterhead, dated, signed, and/or stamped), who will be responsible for registering the delegation. Member States without a Permanent Mission in Geneva should designate a Focal Point in the capital. The same process will apply to all categories of invited participants. Once a Focal Point has registered into the online registraton, he/she will receive by e-mail a unique username and password, and the link to access the registration system. The Focal Point will register and submit the names of the delegates and attach a note verbale containing the composition of the delegation (a delgate credential). The WHO Office of Governing Bodies will verify the information received from the Focal Point, which will then be submitted into the registration system to generate both meeting badges and the List of Participants.



Please refer to the User Guide where you may find answers to common queries. If you are still facing any problems in using the system or would like to make any suggestions, kindly use the following e-mail address: or call +41 22 791 7000

Practical information pertaining to photo ID requirements