Chairman of the Executive Board

Dr Mariyam Shakeela, Chairman of the Executive Board

Dr Mariyam Shakeela
Minister of Health

Dr Mariyam Shakeela earned her Doctorate at Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. She is currently the Minister of Health and Gender in charge of: Health Services; National Drug Agency, National Social Protection Agency, Gender, Family and Social issues, as well as Disability and Aged Care. Prior to this portfolio she served as Minister of Environment and Energy; Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as Acting Minister for Gender, Family and Human Rights. In her capacity as Environment Minister, Dr Shakeela managed a huge portfolio of diverse sectors which included Climate Change; Water and Sanitation; Energy, including Renewable Energy; and Environment, speaking on related issues in international fora. She was also in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency, Maldives Energy Authority, Meteorological services as well as the Biosphere office. Prior to joining politics and becoming a Cabinet Minister, Dr Shakeela worked almost exclusively in the private sector. She has worked in diverse fields, including teaching different disciplines at primary, secondary and tertiary level, as well as developing and managing various businesses in her capacity as CEO/Director/Shareholder of one of the leading and most diversified trading companies in the Maldives that represents some well-known world brands. To address the need for better health care for her birth island community, as owner and operator, she personally set up and managed a boutique hospital that is to this day serving the community as a reputable medical institution. She has also been involved in designing, developing and managing some of the best and most reputed award-winning resorts and luxury apartments in the country, besides being instrumental in lifting the image of Maldives tourism to the next level. As an academic, she has also several publications to her name.