Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum Prize for Public Health

The prize was established in 1987 upon the initiative of, and with funds provided by, the Government of Cameroon to honour the memory of Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum, the first African to hold the post of Regional Director of WHO.

It consists of a bronze medal and currently a sum of US$ 2000, if funds permit, and is awarded to a person considered to have made the most significant contribution to improving health in the geographical area of Africa, the Region in which Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum served WHO.

The prize is generally awarded every two years and presented during a session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa.

Procedure for the proposal and selection of candidates

Any national health administration, educational and research organization as well as any former recipient of the prize may nominate a candidate for the award. Proposals are made to the Regional Director for Africa, who submits them to the Prize Committee together with his/her technical comments. The Committee meets to decide on the recommendation to be made to the Programme Sub-Committee of the WHO Regional Committee which designates the recipient of the Prize.