Global Health Histories

2014 seminars: universal health coverage

12-13 March 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
Critical perspectives, contemporary debates

An international workshop featuring a multi-faceted programme of panels on History, the Humanities and Global Health. Day One will begin with Global Health Histories seminar:

Sri Lanka – An example of model healthcare - seminar 76

Dr Margaret Jones, University of York
Dr Susie Perera, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Seminar archives

History of WHO

The first, second, third and fourth decades of the history of the World Health Organization are available online at the link below.

Global Health Histories

The Global Health Histories seminar series was established in late 2004. Its mission is based on the principle that understanding the history of health, especially during the last 60 years, helps the global public health community to respond to the challenges of today and help shape a healthier future for everyone, especially those most in need.

Seminars take place once a month, and bring together an external academic speaker and a WHO policy maker to debate pressing issues across the spectrum of global public health.

New topics in 2014

The 2014 seminar series will explore the development of universal health coverage in diverse contexts, the political and economic trends that effected the running of these schemes, and, not least, critical perspectives into the variety of links between structures of national universal healthcare and primary health care.

All seminars are held in the WHO library from 12:30 – 14:00 CET and are also broadcast via webinar. To register for a webinar, please contact:

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