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International Health Regulations (2005) Monitoring Framework

Under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR (2005) all States Parties are required to have or to develop minimum core public health capacities to implement the IHR (2005) (IHR) effectively. The IHR monitoring process, involves assessing, through a self-assessment questionnaire sent to State Parties, the implementation status of 13 core capacities. Data from 2013 show that State Parties are making good progress on a number of core capacities, notably in the areas of zoonotic diseases, surveillance, response, laboratories, coordination, risk communication, and food safety.

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2013 response

81%of all State Parties, responded to the monitoring questionnaire in 2013, representing 158 of the 196 State Parties

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First extension

118of the 196 States Parties (60%) have requested and obtained extensions to meet IHR core capacity requirements, to 15 June 2014

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Second extension

15 June 201415 June 2014 is the deadline under IHR (2005) for requesting a second two year (to June 15 2016) exceptional extension to have established all core capacities

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