Global Health Observatory (GHO)

Number of people (all ages) living with HIV

Situation and trends

As of 2012, the global number of people living with HIV is 35.3 million [32.2 million–38.8 million], compared to 30.3 million [27.2 million–33.1 million] in 2001 – a 17% increase. This reflects the high numbers of people newly infected with HIV along with significantly expanded access to antiretroviral therapy, which has helped to reduce the number of people dying from AIDS-related causes, especially since 2004–2005.

Sub-Saharan Africa still bears an inordinate share of the global HIV burden. Although the rate of new HIV infections has decreased, the total number of people living with HIV continues to rise. In 2012, that number reached 25.0 million
[23.5 million–26.6 million], 71% of the global total.


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