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Global situation: The World Health Report 2006 identified 57 countries facing a critical health workforce crisis. Each of these countries has fewer than 23 health workers (doctors, nurses, midwives) per 10 000 people – the minimum required to achieve an 80% coverage rate for deliveries by skilled birth attendants or for measles immunization. Sub-Saharan Africa faces the greatest challenges. It has 11% of the world's population and carries 25% of the global disease burden. Yet the region has only 3% of the global health workforce and accounts for less than 1% of health expenditures worldwide.

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M&E system and strategy

only 9of the selected 26 HRH crisis countries have a monitoring and evaluation system and strategy

Human resources for health (HRH) observer
Issue No. 9, May 2012

Shortage of mental health workers

1.71 millionmental health workers shortage estimated in 144 low- and middle-income countries in 2015

Human resources for health (HRH) observer
Issue No. 8, February 2011

National HRH plans

55%of the 57 countries facing health workforce crisis report implementation of the national plan

Human resources for health (HRH) observer, Issue No. 6, December 2010


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