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Health Financing

Since the Millennium Declaration was signed in 2000, resources remain insufficient in most low-income countries to ensure that all people access to even a very basic set of health services. When people use health services, around 150 million each year suffer severe financial hardship because they have to pay out of their own pockets at the time they receive care, and 100 million are pushed into poverty as a result. The World Health Report 2010 says that all countries could take actions in at least one of the following areas to move more closely towards universal coverage - raise additional funds for health; reduce financial barriers and increase financial risk protection through prepayment and pooling; use the available funds more equitably and efficiently.

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Total expenditure on health

9.9%of the gross domestic product was spent on health in 2014

Total expenditure on health as a percentage of gross domestic product

Out-of-pocket expenditure

18.2%of total expenditure on health was out-of-pocket in 2014

Out-of-pocket expenditure on health as a percentage of total expenditure on health

Per capita expenditure

US$ 1058per capita was spent for health expenditures in 2014

Per capita total expenditure on health at average exchange rate