Global Health Observatory (GHO) data

Health Equity Monitor

Inequality in births attended by skilled health personnel: The proportion of births attended by skilled health personnel in 81 low- and middle-income countries demonstrated a gradient across wealth quintiles. Median coverage in the poorest quintiles, middle quintiles and richest quintiles were 56%, 79%, and 96%, respectively.

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Child malnutrition

27% vs. 31%represents stunting prevalence in girls vs. boys aged five years or younger in 76 low- and middle-income countries

Stunting among children aged five or younger

Child mortality

85 vs. 61are under-five mortality rates in rural vs. urban areas of 49 low- and middle-income countries

Under-five mortality rate: inequality by area of residence

Reproductive health services

18% vs. 35%shows contraceptive prevalence for women with no education vs. secondary or higher education in 66 low- and middle-income countries

Modern contraceptive use: inequality by education level