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Welcome to the Global Health Observatory, WHO's gateway to health-related statistics for more than 1000 indicators for its 194 Member States.

Data are organized to monitor progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including health status indicators to monitor progress towards for the overall health goal, indicators to track equity in health indicators, and the indicators for the specific health and health-related targets of the SDGs.


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Life expectancy

71.4years was the average life expectancy at birth of the global population in 2015

Life expectancy at birth

Neglected tropical diseases

1.7 billionpeople need treatment and care for neglected tropical diseases

Two-page summary from World Health Statistics 2016

Household air pollution

4.3 millionpeople die every year due to air pollution caused by cooking fuels

Mortality from household air pollution

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The Global Health Observatory theme pages provide data and analyses on global health priorities. Each theme page provides information on global situation and trends highlights, using core indicators, database views, major publications and links to relevant web pages on the theme.

Monitoring the health goal: indicators of overall progress

SDG health and health-related targets

3.6 Road traffic injuries

3.7 Sexual and reproductive health

3.9 Mortality from environmental pollution

3.a Tobacco control

3.b Essential medicines and vaccines

3.c Health financing and health workforce

3.d National and global health risks

2.2 Child malnutrition

6.1 Drinking water
6.2 Sanitation and hygiene

7.1 Clean household energy
11.6 Clean cities

16.1 Violence

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