Human Genetics programme

Resources for health professionals

Health professionals

This section caters to the informational needs of health professionals. It includes a wealth of links and references for all health professionals working specifically on genetics or in related professions. For easy use and understanding these resources are organized under six broad areas.

  • Global applications of genomics in health care
    Includes a selection of genomics applications in health care from around the world designed mainly to facilitate an exchange of ideas and to encourage innovation in public health care and services.
  • Ask the expert
    Includes an active panel of experts chosen by WHO to answer your queries on genetics and health issues.
  • Tools for education
    Contains a selection of online, easy to use self-training modules as well as programmes and courses from universities across the globe.
  • Continuing education
    Contains online directories with various educational resources, self-training modules, information about advanced degree courses, research and fellowship opportunities, and links to various conferences and meeting around the world.

Human genetics

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