Gender, women and health

Main topics

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity building, a strategic direction of the WHO Gender Strategy, is a core gender mainstreaming method and activity that aims to empower individuals and teams to conduct gender analysis and engage in meaningful gender planning activities.
  • Gender and health in disasters
    Gender differentiation at all levels: exposure to risk, preparedness, response, physical and psychological impact, recovery and reconstruction
  • Gender mainstreaming
    This section defines and discusses one of our top priorities: What is gender mainstreaming and how is it integrated into the work of WHO?
  • Gender-based violence
    Gender-based violence, or violence against women (VAW), is a major public health and human rights problem throughout the world.
  • Gender inequalities and HIV
    Due to the importance of HIV/AIDS as a public health issue and its many gender dimensions, GWH is focusing on gender inequalities in HIV/AIDS as a priority area
  • Gender and other health topics
    The gender perspective on ageing, blindness, malaria, tobacco, and other topics. This page also contains information on female genital mutilation


Gender, Equity and Human Rights