Gender, women and health

WHO Regional Office for the Americas / Pan American Health Organization (AMRO/PAHO)

Gender, Women and Health Network

The Gender, Diversity and Human Rights Unit provides technical co-operation and assistance to PAHO's technical units and Member States to promote gender and ethnic equality and equity in the development of health policies and programmes. It seeks to identify and reduce the inequities between women and men of all ethnic groups with regard to health status and its determinants, access to and quality of health care and participation in decision-making regarding policy agendas, definition of priorities and allocation of resources.

Best practices competition

Each year, PAHO conducts a regional "Best practices" competition. The application process for the IV annual competition Best Practices that Incorporate a Gender Equality Perspective in Health is open. PAHO is organizing this year's competition in collaboration with UNAIDS.

In 2010, the best three experiences out of 71 "Best Practices" submissions were:

  • El Salvador - Ministry of Health, PAHO/WHO: Reducing maternal and neonatal mortality among youth and adolescents.
  • Argentina - Hospital General de Agudos Cosme Argerich: Reducing the risks and dangers in reproductive and sexual health in the context of comprehensive care of adolescents.
  • Brazil - Promundo: Programs H and M: Engaging young men and empowering young women to promote gender equity and health.